A little about me…

I was raised in Toledo, Ohio and lived there till I joined the Army.  I've had a desire to build (and take apart) things from an early age and so I guess its no surprise that Legos were one of my favorite toys growing up.  I also learned a lot from helping my Dad do home improvement projects around the house. 

As an adult my woodworking journey started like many others.  First doing home improvement projects for my own home and then branching out and taking on small jobs for others.  As time went my skill level increased as I took on projects that not only challenged me but that taught be more about the craft. Although I gain valuable experience in carpentry, my passion grew into more of fine woodworking. 

Me in my shop

I currently live with my wife in Raeford, North Carolina and am still the Army and stationed at Fort Bragg.  I started Merzke Custom Woodworking to prepare for my next career as I prepare to transition from the Military in a few years. Designing and building custom projects is my passion and I enjoy the full spectrum of the craft. 

In my free time I enjoy the outdoors and activities like camping, hiking, running, cycling, and also occasionally write a blog call "Its all about the miles".  

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