The list keeps getting longer

Does it ever feel like the list of things that you want/need to get down around the house is getting longer? I’m feeling that way right now. Now most of things on the list do fall in the want category… But it’s time for some much needed upgrades. So I thought I’d write down my list and see where I’m at.

Laundry Room
1. Paint
2. Build cabinets and shelves
3. Build drying rack

1. Tile floor
2. Build walnut counter tops
3. Refinish lower cabinets
4. Rebuild upper cabinets
5. Tile backsplash
6. Build kitchen island with walnut countertop
7. Redo shelving in pantry
8. Build kitchen table with benches
9. Build kitchen hutch

Living room
1. Install laminate wood flooring

Mud room
1. Build cabinets
2. Build countertop

Now I’m sure I’m missing a thing or twenty and this was only the downstairs. I’ve already started pricing around for materials. I sure hope I can find some deals to help cut the cost. With having a day job I should have this list down to nothing around mid century.

I’d love to hear your comments or suggestions. How is your list looking?

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