Time for an upgrade… or at least the plan for an upgrade

I am currently traveling for work and since I can’t work in my shop I decided to put a little time into planning to makes some needed upgrades to the shop. A few years ago I had built a table for my shop. It was to fulfill multiple jobs and provide some needed storage in […]

Triple bunk bed build

I just wanted to take a moment to talk about one of my projects this year. I had a client contact me to build a triple bunk bed for his three little girls. He sent me a couple different photos he had found online and we discussed everything from style to method of construction to […]

Found a new home…

Well it wasn’t me!!! I don’t need a new home. But instead of trashing the old upper kitchen cabinets I’ve found a new home for them. Also, all my stains, dyes, and finishes in turn found a new home. It just worked out that both could help each other out. A couple coats of paint […]