Found a new home…

Well it wasn’t me!!! I don’t need a new home. But instead of trashing the old upper kitchen cabinets I’ve found a new home for them. Also, all my stains, dyes, and finishes in turn found a new home. It just worked out that both could help each other out. A couple coats of paint and a french cleat on the back and we were in business. Kelly had a great idea to try chalkboard paint on the panels of the doors so I could use them as a chalk board. I purchased some chalkboard spray paint and put a couple coats on. After the paint dried I attempted to make a to do list for myself… but to my disappointment it was very hard to write on it.

I think I’m going to pick up some brush on chalkboard paint, lightly sand the surface and try rolling on a final coat and see if that helps. I did however provide more than enough storage for all my finishing products.

Another step down in making the old shop a little more organized. I was also able so save one of the other smaller upper cabinets that I will eventually slap a couple coats of paint on. I did put a french cleat on it and it fit perfectly over my dust collector.

As far as the home improvement projects are coming it can be summed up in one word… SLOW!!! We started putting baseboards and shoe molding in the half bathroom today and got the toilet and sink installed.

The sink went in with no issues. Even with the floor raised a little because of the tile I was still able to use the original holes to secure it to the wall. The toilet on the other hand needed a spacer to make up for the difference of the new flooring. All that and a new toilet seat and we were in action.

Unfortunately the project will have to take a little break because of my upcoming work schedule. But I’ll be back at it before you know it.

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