Getting it all together… just the begining!

We had originally picked out some tile that was in our price range online that we liked… well that was until we saw it at the store. It just screamed “You get what you pay for”! At that point we figured it wouldn’t hurt to look around some more. There were plenty of premium tile there that would look just fine on our kitchen floor but now that fit into our budget and Kelly wasn’t looking at getting a second job. Then the clouds parted and the angels began to sing… CLEARANCE!!!!!

We found a beautiful tile that was just what we were looking for. But Oh wait… there wasn’t enough. That store was short by over 100 tiles. Our options were to keep up the search or buy some of those tiles that stick to the floor. Then it hit me. Isn’t there more than one of those big blue box stores? and might another one also have some? Could this be the answer? Lucky for us we would be out near another one of these said stores the very next day. So after two stores and a few miles we purchased (fingers crossed) everything we needed to do all of our tiling.

Not only that but after it was all said and done we came $10.63 under budget. The only missing puzzle piece here a wet tile cutting saw. The orange big box store rents them for $63 a day. My concerns is that I doubt I will get it all done in a day. I did notice that Harbor Freight sells one for $63. This might just save me a penny or two. But I’ll save that for another day of shopping. After loading and then unloading 501 tiles, 6 bags of mortar, and all the other miscellaneous crap we needed I think we are going to call it a night. All in all a productive day.

2 Comments on “Getting it all together… just the begining!

  1. : ) I bet you’re worn out from loading and unloading, but it’s awesome you found it all on clearance. How fortunate.

    As far as a wet saw, what about Craigslist or pawn stores?

  2. I’ve been keeping my eye on craigslist… Not sure about tool buying at pawnshops. Well at least the ones we have here.

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