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A wise old man once told me “you can never have enough clamps”. Ok, maybe it wasn’t a wise old man… I think I actually read it online somewhere. Either way I’m sure we’ve all heard it. Over the last few years I managed to piece together a little collection of these jewels. There was a couple projects where I used every single clamp I had… but I made it work. Even made a little rack to hang them on my french cleat system I have on the walls in my shop.

and that’s when I start seeing tweets and such pinging around on the interwebs about Lowes having a sale on their complete stock of Bessey Clamps. I think my eyes glossed over and things got a little blurry… The next thing I knew I had had been to not just one Lowes… but two! With the reduced prices it was an offer I just couldn’t refuse.

Then the next day I had to run out to Southern Pines, NC to run a couple errands and guess what they have?Their very own Lowes!!!! Three Lowes in two days! At this point I’ve realized I’ve probably spent more money one clamps in a two day period that I’ve spent my whole life. But, in the words of every woman who has ever tried to justify a purchase… “but I saved so much money”! (Sorry Ladies, had to borrow it) Of course upon getting home reality sunk in… not about the money I spent of course… but where was I going to put all those clamps? Time to start building some more clamp racks.
Now as mentioned before I have french cleats on both opposing walls of my garage. I’ve found that as I adjust my shop to fit my work flow, that sometimes I end up moving things from here to there. There is several very good videos on YouTube explaining and showing how to build french cleats. But in a nutshell its a “cleat” attached to the wall with a 45 degree bevel cut into the top edge. Then one whatever you plan on hanging up you attach a piece of wood with the apposing 45 degree bevel cut into it.
Most of my clamps are the “F” style clams so I just had to cut out some slots with a 1/4 drill bit and then the band saw.
For the Pipe Clamps I had to use two different dimension of forstner bit and then cut out the slot once again with the band saw.
The ratcheting spring clamps, wood handscrew clamps, and strap clamps I used some wooden dowels to make a rack for.
With all that finished I set them all up on the wall on and…
and a close up…
Now that all my new clamps have a place and I’ve over doubled my clamp collection you might ask if I have enough? You can never have enough clamps (and you might need some more clamp racks).

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