That dude has it bad…

Have you ever been out and seen some guy or gal that is clearly driving themselves and quite possibly those with them crazy over an OCD issue? We all just shake our head and and mumble to ourselves “That dude has it bad”. But wait… what if that poor person is us. Is there someone out there shaking their head and taking a moment of silence. Or is a spouse that we are driving crazy with our OCD tendencies? I think Kelly (my very supportive wife) just laughs at me. So my latest big shop project was my new Workbench/Outfeed/Assembly table (which you can read all about at The long awaited completion of…). One of the drawers on the table was designed to be fitted with some kaizen foam and store all my measuring and layout tools.

Table finished… Check, kaizen foam fitted… Check, lay out all the tools on top of the foam and arrange in an orderly fashion… Check…. and then?????

Now was the moment of truth… once blade goes to foam I was committed. I told myself over and over that it was good. But still I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Thankfully I’ve realized more than I care to admit that I’m that guy… I’m a victim of my own OCD. It also helped that it was getting late so I decided to sleep on it and have a go at it in the morning. The next morning came and over a hot cup of coffee I started hacking away at some foam. Well, by hacking away I mean I carefully traced out the tool with the recommended long tip marker and then carefully cut out the shape making sure to keep in the lines. Once the lines were cut all I had to do was pluck away at the appropriate amount of foam.

Once everything was in its new home I used a 1/2 inch piece of scrap pipe and heated it up to melt finger slots where needed.

I don’t know why I really surprise myself at being a little touched with OCD. I’m just glad it’s only with some things and not everything. Well I’m sure Kelly is glad as well. So what’s your little OCD thing? I have this strange feeling that I’m not the only one… Every once in awhile we need to look in the mirror and shake our head and say “That dude has it bad”…

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