Woodshop Confessions and then some

So since I figured out that I really have way to much spare time on my hand (not really) I am going to try to add another thing to my plate. I posted a video on YouTube the other day under the title of Woodshop Confessions. This was the first of hopefully many upcoming videos. Please watch, give a big ol’ thumbs up, and subscribe. 

As I mentioned in the video I’m not sure how often I will be able to post videos but I will try to get one out as often as I can. I am not even going to try and attempt a weekly build video or even a weekly anything video. As I have time and something to share I will get it out. Now as far as the content of the videos I am going to try and provide a wide spectrum of things from builds, projects, tool reviews, stories, successes, failures, laughs, tears … well I think you get the point. 
Now as far as why I chose the name “Woodshop Confessions” was because I want this channel to just share whats going on in my shop. Not content created for YouTube but just me my thoughts  and whatever else is going or  not going on in the shop. Hopefully with that I can get feedback from you guys/gals on whats going on in your shops. I will never profess to be an “expert” or to know all the answers but I hope that I can pass on some of the methods I use and a couples lessons I have learned over time. Because of that point I try not to take myself to seriously and I hope you don’t either. I will share both the “try” and “don’t try” moments with you. With that I hope you find what I provide to be a little entertaining. But the most important thing I hope to accomplish with this channel is to in some small way to inspire you get out there and build or create something. It doesn’t have to be even have to be woodworking either. I think that we as humans have something within us that drives us to work with our hands and be productive. In today’s job market a lot of people don’t get that feedback received from taking a chunk of wood and turning it into something that has some type of form or function. 
With that I have also added a page to  my website where I am posting the SketchUp files I create for my builds. Now these are not full woodworking plans but just the SketchUp file. These will be free of charge. I will be more than happy to answer any questions about them if you send me a message. 

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