Just a couple updates and the Scrap Bin Challenge 2014

So lately I haven’t had the free time to take on any big projects. I was able to get a great deal on lathe so I had to move a couple things around to make room for that. With that I needed a storage idea for the tools. I also need to move my WorkSharp 3000 to prepare a space for my next shop upgrade. Now what I should have been doing was filming these projects because just as all this was going on a good number of other woodworkers came together to do the Scrap Bin Challenge. Steve Carmichael has put together a playlist of all the submitted videos so far.

Its really cool to see some of the projects these people have put together with nothing more than some scraps laying around the shop. Now even though I didn’t make a video I still wanted to share a little about what I try to do with my scraps. I think we can all agree that it is easy to let our scrap bin collection get a little out of hand. I also have a touch of OCD… so I try and let them work together. Whenever something needs a home I go straight to my scrap bin(s) and see what I can come up with. So here is a couple pictures of some of my recent shop projects built completely with scraps.

Sharpening Station
Drill Charging Station
Lathe Chisel/Gouge Rack
Drill Press Shelf and Forstner Bit Holder
Lathe Accessory Rack
I’m sure you get the picture… get it… picture. Anyways, pretty much everything from my clamp racks to my TV wall mount was made out of scrap wood. So I hope you go and check out some of those videos and then get out there and build something. I’d love to hear about your method of dealing with this ever growing issue of scraps. Please don’t let some poor piece of scrap wood go to waste. 

4 Comments on “Just a couple updates and the Scrap Bin Challenge 2014

  1. I watched all the videos, and they’re great. But the thought I kept having was: that is a nice piece of wood to be called “scrap”.

    • Scraps come in all species… I think as long as we make the most of what we have. But I sometimes wish I had nicer “Scraps”!

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