Installation and review of Height Adjustable Wall Shelf

Over the last few months I have been going through a shop organization to try and make the layout of my shop more efficient so that I can be more productive when I’m working in there. One thing that I did have to get rid of to free up some more space was my large miter saw station. Although it was a great shop fixture and provided a lot of storage it just took up too much floor space. One thing I was struggling to find a home for was mid-sized cut offs. I had some shelves on my multipurpose table for smaller cut offs that I wanted to save and had lumber storage on the walls for larger pieces of lumber but a place to lengths between two to four feet was lacking.

Fleximounts contacted me about trying out a new product they had released and it seemed like it would fit the bill for the storage solution for these cut offs. I accepted their invitation to try their Adjustable 3-Teir Storage Wall Shelves and in exchange told them I would publish my opinion in the form of this review and YouTube video. This is not a paid advertisement and in an effort to be able to give a good assessment of this product I waited to write this review and to edit the video till after I had used the shelf in my shop for a few months.

Fleximount offers two size and color options for their Height Adjustable Wall Shelves. I selected the larger black 1’ x 4’ shelf for my shop since I wanted to be able to maximize my available space.

The shelf was very well packaged and came without any damage or missing parts due to shipping. This is one of my frustrations with some companies that skimp in this area and in turn you receive a damaged product or it is missing parts. The shelf also came with hardware to mount it both on concrete walls and traditional drywall sheathed studded walls. The included template with leveling bubble wasn’t used in my installation because all of my studs had been previously marked when I put up the French cleats in my shop. I do think this is a great option to include with a product like this in case someone installing it might not own a level.

Product Overview: The Height Adjustable Wall Shelf comes with two wall brackets, six shelf brackets, and three shelves. All of these parts are powder coated and seem to be very well made. At first the shelf appears to be similar to many other commercially available adjustable shelves but it is the patented design for securing the shelf to the shelf bracket and to the wall bracket. This method of securing the shelves really is a huge improvement over the others and was the biggest reason that I wanted these in my shop. Anyone who has used other adjustable shelves have probably had a nice surprise when someone or something bumped the shelf causing the bracket to come out of the wall bracket causing it all to come crashing down. The one down side I did find when installing the shelf is in the design of what makes this shelf great. Now I’m not sure if it’s truly in the design or just my meaty fingers but I had a hard time locking in the shelves without the use of a screw driver. The company says that you can secure them without the use of a tool.

Would I recommend this product? Yes, I think what you get for the price point that Fleximounts is offering this Height Adjustable Wall Shelf and given the fact that it has the patented locking system which I think makes it a far more superior product that the other available options. If you would like more information on this product you can visit or if you would like to purchase the one I got from Amazon you can find it at




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