Big project on a budget

So as I was doing some research for my next home improvement project I did a little internet search on kitchen remodels. Did you know that the national average for a “minor” kitchen remodel is $18,500!!! The price ticket on a kitchen overhaul is $54,000!!! Does that seem a little pricey to anyone other than […]

It’s just like drawing… But different

So I recently started using Google Sketch up for woodworking and home improvement projects. Now I’ve only drawn up a few of them and I am still learning. But what a difference it makes in the visualization of a project. Maybe I just really sucked at coloring as a kid or my talents has boundaries. […]

The list keeps getting longer

Does it ever feel like the list of things that you want/need to get down around the house is getting longer? I’m feeling that way right now. Now most of things on the list do fall in the want category… But it’s time for some much needed upgrades. So I thought I’d write down my […]