Upper kitchen cabinet build

Part of my kitchen remodel is replacing the upper cabinets. I had previously made the cabinet that was part of the fridge surround and these three upper cabinets would be attached to that. Here are the steps I took to make that cabinets and some pictures of the process. At the end of this blog […]

Drill Charging Station

So it’s been said that I enjoy working on  improving my shop. But I’m sure that I speak for a great many men and women who have that place they call their creative space, that there is always room for improvement. For me that creative space is my garage… my shop. I am always analyzing […]

Cremation Urns

A few weeks ago April Wilkerson over at the Wilker Do’s Blog brought attention of a good cause in need of some help to the woodworking community.  After reading her Blog and watching her video she made I decided that I too would dedicate some of my time and material also. The Garden of Innocence […]