Fitting of a fond farewell…

So my latest project which I completed this morning is a display case for some replica Harpers Ferry Pistols. This display case is intended as a going away gift for Military Police Soldiers who leave the section where I work (my day job). Crossed Harpers Ferry Pistols are the insignia for the US Army Military […]

Multi-Purpose Table

Yep, you guessed it!! I finally finished my new workbench/outfeed/assembly table. Weeks of planning, designing, modifying someone else’s design, then modifying it again, and then a long weekend of making sawdust and then BAM!!! Just like that it was done. Ok, so maybe a little more went into it than that. Like I’ve said before […]

Clamp Racks

A wise old man once told me “you can never have enough clamps”. Ok, maybe it wasn’t a wise old man… I think I actually read it online somewhere. Either way I’m sure we’ve all heard it. Over the last few years I managed to piece together a little collection of these jewels. There was […]