1. I was trying to get the plans for this bed so i can build in for my three young daughters but I can not seem to open it on my computer. Is is posisble to get it in a different format.

  2. Thank you! The plans seems to just have a picture…do you have a file that has complete info (specs, materials, etc.)?
    Thanks very much,

  3. Hi, Your bunk beds look great and my husband would love to have a go at making them for our three sons. I have downloaded SketchUp and did a serach in 3D warehouse for triple bunk bed, there were 18 options but I couldn’t find yours. Could you help me to find your plans please? Thanks, Naomi.

  4. I took this on as a project yesterday! total cost was $170 and 6 hours of labor! I am very happy with the resut! Thank you so much for sharing this. Id love to show you a photo but I’m not sure how to post a photo.

  5. Awesome job! My wife and I are very interested in this build, but in looking at SketchUp plans, the bunks have an overall length of 131″. Apologies for the seemingly novice question, but is that correct? I get the pic doesn’t show dimensions and is likely scaled down, but it doesn’t look almost 11′ long. I only ask because I’m working with a bit less space. Thanks!

    • Roberto, yes I built this Triple Bunk Bed at that length to fill the space along one wall of the room where the clients were putting the bed. You could bring the beds closer along the length of it to build it where it will fit your space. Feel free to shoot me an email at mike@merzkecustomwoodworking.com if you have any additional questions.

  6. Hi I just emailed you… I LOVE your triple bunkbed. I am a foster mom & we just rec’d an emergency child placement. We need to build this ASAP. I tried using the Sketchpad thing unsuccessfully… is there a way you could send a materials list & a step by step instruction? We are in desperate need over here! 🙂

  7. Hi I would love to get my husband to make one of these- can you still send us the sketch up file? We’ve got the program, thanks in advance!

  8. Hi, would you be able to make a replica and what would be the cost? Including shipping to Bakersfield CA? It looks perfect for what I need but have no one to make it for me

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