August 2015 Shop Update

Its hard to believe that August is already half gone. This summer has seemed to fly by pretty quickly but I’ll admit that I can’t wait for fall. The average temperature in the shop during the summer is in the high eighties. That is with the garage door closed and two fans going. But I’m definitely not going to complain because I’ve actually been able to get in some shop time. I have been fairly regular posting pictures and updates on social media but realized that between my website and YouTube channel I have been lacking. So here is a short overview of whats been going on at Merzke Custom Woodworking over the last couple months.


With the amount of orders I have been receiving for the American Flag Coin Rack it was time to bring in a new addition to the shop. I was able to find a Performax 16-32 drum sander on Craigslist. This will really speed up the time making the panels for the flags. I also still have to make the hickory counter tops for our kitchen and have a feeling this is going to be a huge help with that project. Speaking of projects I have been steadily working on both commissioned projects and ones around the house as time permits.


One of the big projects around the house that my son and I was able to finish was a ground level deck over an existing cement patio. In the shop there has been a stead request for the American Flag Coin Rack. I never realized when I made the first that there would be other orders for it. I have also been having some requests for different sizes and ones without the coin trays so that it would just be the flag to hang on the wall as art. IMG_2960I also plan on inlaying the stars so that the entire flag would be flush. I have been able to play around with the inlay as a single star but have yet to attempt 50 stars in perfect alignment. As it stands now most of what my CNC seems to be cutting out is stars for these coin racks. IMG_0041


It has also been brought to my attention that it has been a couple of months since I’ve released a video on my YouTube channel. Not having any shop time was initially the reason for this but then turned into the opposite. I have two videos that just need to be edited as soon as I can find the time to dedicate in front of the computer. What kind of business would I be if I didn’t put paying customers first? I was able to finish setting up my video editing set up to include dual monitors and a decent microphone (not sure if that will helps with the “ums”).



So hopefully soon I will be able to start sharing more of whats happening in the shop on “Woodshop Confessions“. But, in the mean time you can head over and watch some of the videos I’ve already posted and subscribe so you won’t miss the new ones when they come out. Also for the most current updates from Merzke Custom Woodworking you can like my Facebook page.


2 Comments on “August 2015 Shop Update

  1. Hey Mike. I have that same drum sander, and, you’re gonna luv having that. Time really seems to be in full throttle mode. I can’t keep up. Always enjoy your videos. Work/Play safe. Keep that new drum sander fed.

  2. Oh, I forgot to say, I really like the stars and stripes also. Sheesh, not only does time go quick, but, so does your memory when you hit 60, like me

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