Time to get back at the kitchen remodel

As some of you might remember about eleven months ago I built new upper cabinets for my kitchen as part of the remodel my wife and I had planned for our home. If you missed it  you can watch the video here… Kitchen Cabinet Build. Now almost a year later the kitchen is in about the same condition as when I made the video. There are still no doors on the upper cabinets and the drawers and doors on the lower cabinets are the original ones. The counter tops is also still the laminated one that came with the house.


Since it is coming up on the first anniversary of the upper cabinet build I figure I better get back to work and finish up the kitchen hopefully before Christmas. So other than the doors, drawers, and counter tops that still need to be done, we still have to come to some type of agreement on the back splash. I’m sure to anyone that is married it comes as no surprise that there might be a little difference on the opinion of said back splash. Since I am trying to keep the style of the kitchen in close-ish shaker style, I want to use wainscoting as my material of choice. This way it will be painted to match the cabinets and allow the hickory counter tops to really stand out. My beautiful wife isn’t sold on that idea and thinks that it might be to much white and suggests we look at some tile options to introduce some color into the space. I think the tile we put down on the kitchen floor brings more than enough color to the area.


Of course being the wise woman that she is, she suggested course of action that would let us compare each option. I am going to finish the short section of counter top between the stove and the fridge and then we can use that as a test section to see which of the back splash materials looks better. I of course was recently reminded that I need to make that section of the counter top before we can compare… so stay tuned and here shortly we will post pictures of both options. In the mean time leave a comment of what material you think we should use.  I love to hear what you think.

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