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You ever notice that from time to time life just gets going and before you know it eight months have passed? That is exactly how my blog here has felt. So much has happened over that time period and I miss posting on here so I will try and catch everyone up without boring you to tears. In my last post I talked about how it was time to get back to work on the Kitchen remodel and I am proud to say that before this last Christmas I was able to finish.

Well, maybe the kitchen project isn’t completely finished but I’m sure no one will notice that the island hasn’t been built and installed. I did finish and install the new drawers, shaker style cabinet doors, farmhouse sink, back splash, and hickory counter-tops. We also decided to upgrade the lighting in the kitchen while we were at it.


Shortly after the New Year I was able to work with JTech Photonics on installing a 2.8W laser on my X-Carve CNC Machine. This gave me the additional capability of being able to laser engrave on my wood projects. If you missed the build video you can watch it HERE.

The next few months were a blur of commission projects for clients, traveling with my day job, and making a few much needed shop improvements. Some of the shop improvements I made other than the upgrades to my CNC were adding a Grizzly T25555 Riser Block Kit to my Grizzly G0555LX Deluxe Bandsaw, 14-Inch. I also made a short video on how to install the riser block kit.

This doubled the capacity of the band saw and allowed me to be able to resaw lummber up to 12 inches. Another much need increase in capacity was my chip separator for my dust collection system. I had the ONEIDA AIR SYSTEMS Super Dust Deputy on a 30 gallon trash can for quite some time but it would fill up so fast especially if I was milling up a lot of lumber.


The ideal way to handle the amount of dust and chips my shop creates would be to exhaust them outside but since I’m not about to cut a hole in a wall and I don’t think my neighbors would appreciate me sharing I just opted for a larger container. I was able to get a used 55 gallon drum and clean it out and then ordered a metal slip cover for it and attached the Super Dust Deputy. I will eventually add some handles and maybe a dolly to be able to empty it a little easier.


I am still trying to get to as many commission projects as I can and I always appreciate the understand and support I get from my friends, family and clients. The American Flag Coin Rack is still my biggest seller but I also get the chance to work on some different projects from time to time. One of my friends had purchased a Cypress cookie table coffee table that was pretty old and the finish was in bad shape. To compound the issue, whoever had originally finished the table top had used wood putty to fill the voids cause by drying the lumber to fast. I was able to remove most of the wood putty and fill the voids with crushed turquoise and then refinish it. You can see in the picture the difference in the finish looking at the coffee table top and a matching end table top.


Well before I get to rambling about each of the projects I did over the last 8 months I do want to mention that you can keep up to date on even the projects I don’t either write about here or do a video on my YouTube channel over on my Instagram page.

One last thing I did want to pass on is a great opportunity that I was recently given by Jon Berard over at MakerCast – The Podcast for Makers. I was my honor to be interviewed by him on his most recent episode and you can listen to it either on iTunes or HERE. While your there check out all the other great makers he has interviewed and subscribe so you wont miss any future ones.


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