Just a couple updates and the Scrap Bin Challenge 2014

So lately I haven’t had the free time to take on any big projects. I was able to get a great deal on lathe so I had to move a couple things around to make room for that. With that I needed a storage idea for the tools. I also need to move my WorkSharp […]

Upper kitchen cabinet build

Part of my kitchen remodel is replacing the upper cabinets. I had previously made the cabinet that was part of the fridge surround and these three upper cabinets would be attached to that. Here are the steps I took to make that cabinets and some pictures of the process. At the end of this blog […]

Time to draw up some kitchen cabinets

It is finally time in the kitchen remodel to build and install the upper kitchen cabinets. These cabinets will be taller than the cabinets that we removed to take up the unused space that was between the cabinets and the ceiling. But before we start making sawdust we need to figure out where we are […]