My woodworking adventures in Boston!

I was able to take a work trip to Boston and figured since there is plenty of history in this city and plenty of things to do and see I could fill any down time I might have. But being a woodworker I knew there was more for me here in Boston other than amazing […]

Cremation Urns

A few weeks ago April Wilkerson over at the Wilker Do’s Blog brought attention of a good cause in need of some help to the woodworking community.  After reading her Blog and watching her video she made I decided that I too would dedicate some of my time and material also. The Garden of Innocence […]

That dude has it bad…

Have you ever been out and seen some guy or gal that is clearly driving themselves and quite possibly those with them crazy over an OCD issue? We all just shake our head and and mumble to ourselves “That dude has it bad”. But wait… what if that poor person is us. Is there someone […]