The list keeps getting longer

Does it ever feel like the list of things that you want/need to get down around the house is getting longer? I’m feeling that way right now. Now most of things on the list do fall in the want category… But it’s time for some much needed upgrades. So I thought I’d write down my […]

A woodworking story from a far away land!

So I wanted to take a couple minutes to tell a little story. This story starts all the way back in 2003 in the far away land of Iraq. For our first 5 or 6 months we moved from place to place, sometimes sleeping in our trucks. At about the 7 month mark of the […]

Whats this thing all about…

I guess a good place to start would be the beginning, but for the sake of time we will hold off on that for now. I am putting this blog together for a couple different reasons. The main reason is to pass on and share some of the lessons and experiences I face both in […]