August 2015 Shop Update

Its hard to believe that August is already half gone. This summer has seemed to fly by pretty quickly but I’ll admit that I can’t wait for fall. The average temperature in the shop during the summer is in the high eighties. That is with the garage door closed and two fans going. But I’m […]

What a stud!

I have always been more drawn to build something that  filled a need or a given purpose. For me it has been a sense of solving a problem or creating something that filled that need. The techniques, tools, and material were selected to best suit the solution. Now what if you lock in one of […]

What defines you?

Once again I’m away from my shop traveling for my day job so I must resort to typing instead of woodworking. One thing that has come up several times recently that has caught my attention is this thing of titles. Now this isn’t just about woodworking or other crafts but can probably be related to […]